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The flexible storage system for all rooms!

Flexibility is the way to individualistic interior decoration. Mistral gives you a host of opportunities to add the personal touch and decorate your home the way you want to. Our shelving system is designed with diversity in mind and the modules can be combined in countless ways - from small, simple solutions to large, complex installations.

If your style or storage needs changes over time, you can always move each single item or add new doors or drawers eg. in a new colour.

Mistral is timeless Scandinavian design, developed especially for those who appreciate the beauty of uncluttered lines.

Mistral is available in 14 differents colours and wood veneers.

We have already mounted the basic items for you, you only need to add the drawers or doors.

Also have a look at Mistral AV, which is our new storage for your home cinema!

Try Hammel's new configurator for Mistral. You can design your own arrangement on iPad or web:

iPad  You can download the Mistral Configurator from App Store for FREE.
Search for Mistral Configurator install the program and you can begin!

Web click at this link: http://www.hammel-furniture.dk/configurator/index.html
You need min. Explorer 9 or eg. Google Chrome.