Mistral Air

Danish Design by Hammel

Mistral AiR bogkasser i snehvid m/orange+lys grå dører
Mistral AiR i rød + Mistral skrivebord
Mistral AiR i snehvid og eg
Mistral AiR i snehvid

Light and airy storage for all rooms!

Light and airy. Simple. Mistral Air is designded for you who believes in pure lines and appreciates beauty and functionality down to the very detail. For you who appreciates genuine design and professional craftmanship.

Mistral Air is slim cabinets made of 12 mm. boards, which gives an elegant expression. A timeless and vibrant design, which gives unique and flexible opportunities to create personality in your home.

Mistral Air is available in 9 trendy colours and can furthermore be combined with the doors and drawers from Mistral in additional 4 wood veneers.

Try Hammel's new configurator for Mistral Air and Mistral. You can design your own arrangement on iPad or web:

iPad  You can download the Mistral Configurator from App Store for FREE.
Search for Mistral Configurator install the program and you can begin!

Web click at this link: http://www.hammel-furniture.dk/configurator/index.html
You need min. Explorer 9 or eg. Google Chrome.