Efficient, biological airdepollution

Hammel Furniture uses a biological air-depolutionfacility, which ensure the right ecological depollution of the extraction-air from the production of lacquered furniture. Measurings show a depollution impact of 99%.

The biological depolution degrades thinners to carbon dioxide and mould. Furthermore, waste products like eg. glue and paint are degraded.

The facility consists of two main systems: an Air cleaner and a Biofilter. The Air cleaner purifies the ventilationair by means of water, which is pumped on to the Biofilter. The Biofilter is a large basin with a layer of shells and a layer of wood chips. In this basin the microorganisms thrive and degrade the solvents.

Serious and social working environment
Hammel Furniture takes the internal working environment very serious and at the same time we are very determined to take a social responsability in the local community.

The Danish Working Environment Authority has classified Hammel as a "Level 1 company" and remarks amoung other things that there is a good management of the working environment.

At Hammel Furniture we want our employees to feel safe and content. Eg. by offering shorter hours or lighter duties for people with a reduced ability to work.